Sunny Luna Living: Van Life, Jobs, Income and Net Worth (2024)

Everything You’re Curious To Know

Joshua Smith | Updated March 2024

Author and Van Life Enthusiast

This is the ultimate guide on Sunny Luna Living for 2024.

Over the last 2 years, I have watched almost 20 hours of YouTube videos created by Sunny Luna Living. They have truly inspired me!

If you’re curious about:

👉 How Sunny Luna Living afforded their van

👉 How they make their money today (including YouTube income stats)

👉 Where they have traveled to

👉 What issues and controversies they have handled

👉 How you can live van life within the next 90 days

Then you’ve definitely come to the right website.

Before we begin, a quick intro from the Van Life Freedom author…

The Van Life Freedom Author

Hello there fellow van life enthusiast. I’m Joshua.

I’ve discovered the ultimate business model for remote workers.

With this business model, I’m able to:

👉 Own my own van completely debt-free

👉 Survive for several days without wifi

👉 Create semi-passive income online

👉 Run my business from any parking lot

But hey, let’s talk about that later. Back to these awesome creators…

Sunny Luna Living FAQs (March 2024)

Van Name

Her van doesn’t have a name.


Sunny (age 29)

Luna (age 28)

Luna is pregnant and they’re expecting their newborn any moment now!

The Van

Ram Promaster which is a wider van than the Sprinters and Transits, allowing them to sleep side to side as opposed to length ways.


They have decked out their van with an indoor shower, convertable table/bed, off-grid solar, an outdoor table and a roof deck. They are one of the few vans out there that has its own deck!

Affording It

Both Sunny and Luna simply worked hard for their dream in normal jobs.

Making Money

Today in 2024, Sunny Luna Living makes $17,300/month on YouTube and social media.

Their income streams include:

👉 Advertising revenue on their blog and channel

👉 Selling their own exclusive merchandise

👉 Selling digital downloads such as van layout guides

👉 Brand sponsorships (their following is HUGE!)

This brings their net worth to around $425,000 US dollars. Quite impressive for a couple in a van. You certainly do save a lot living the nomadic lifestyle. 😃


Most of their videos have been YouTube Shorts so they haven’t had a chance to create a collaboration with any other popular YouTubers.


They are currently exploring the United States

Past Travels

They have explored North and South America quite extensively

Big Moments

During their journey, they haven’t had any crazy or bad encounters. They have come to realize how good most people in the world are.

Future Plans

They recently did some remodeling to their home so will only do vanlife on a part-time basis, at least until their baby boy is a little older.

Key Lessons

What can we learn from this wonderful and knowledgeable couple?

👉 Life is too short to be stuck in hopeless jobs

👉 Be willing to get your hands dirty

👉 Take calculated risks to reach your destination

👉 You can work remotely with the right resources

And above all else, don’t worry about the judgement from others!


I have really enjoyed their build series, blog and have learned so much in the process. I really do hope they’ll continue for years to come!

Working Remotely With Van Life

Hey! 😃 It’s Joshua again from Van Life Freedom.

Clearly I’ve been hugely inspired by Sunny Luna Living and their story.

It’s clear that they’re living the dream because they have online income.

Earlier I mentioned my excitement towards a specific business model

It’s an exciting opportunity that allows you to:

🔥 Work from your van from anywhere in the world

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