Kombi Life: Ben’s Age, Networth, Income and Leah (2023)

Everything You’re Curious To Know

Joshua Smith | Updated January 7, 2023.

Author and Van Life Enthusiast

This is the ultimate guide on Kombi Life for 2023.

Over the last 3.5 years, I have watched roughly 30 hours of YouTube videos created by Ben from Kombi Life. He’s a digital nomad just like myself!

If you’re curious about:

👉 How Ben afforded his van

👉 How much he makes (including YouTube income stats)

👉 Where he has driven to

👉 What issues and controversies he has handled

👉 What happened to Leah and where she is now

👉 How you can live van life within the next 90 days

Then you’ve definitely come to the right website.

Before we begin, a quick intro from the Van Life Freedom author…

The Van Life Freedom Author

Hello there fellow van life enthusiast. I’m Joshua.

I’ve discovered the ultimate business model for remote workers.

With this business model, I’m able to:

👉 Own my own van completely debt-free

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But hey, let’s talk about that later. Back to this awesome creator with half a million subscribers!

Kombi Life FAQs (January, 2023)

Van Name

Boomerang is his current van while his previous van was called Co’Pito


Ben Jamin (age 38) and that is his real name.

He also has a dog

Leah Jade was previously with him but they separated around July 2021:

She is still single and is doing van life by herself through California after spending some time in Mexico.

Sharne was my personal favorite back in the earlier days of the channel. This was one of Ben’s earlier relationships that ended, but Ben did meet up with her again in Australia around 2018.

The Van

Ben has a baby blue 1973 VW Kombi Van and his number plate is CRF 7216


Ben has fitted his van with solar panels (as he needs the power for his laptop and camera) plus extended WIFI booster.

Affording It

Ben has been a traveler for most of his life and his van didn’t cost too much. He has worked odd jobs before becoming a digital nomad.

Making Money

Ben has been a digital nomad for the past 10 years…well before it became popular and more attainable!

👉 Video creation as a contractor

👉 Ads on his YouTube videos

👉 Affiliate links within his descriptions

👉 Brand sponsorships (such as Intel)

He also runs a successful Patreon account.

I estimate that Kombi Life has a net worth of $575,000 Australian dollars.

This includes the value of his van, his business and personal investment portfolio.


Ben has collaborated with a ton of people in the industry. Too many to list here actually! 🙂


Ben is currently driving through Europe and enjoying Italy.

Past Travels

Ben has driven through most of England, Europe and South America.

Big Moments

During his epic journey, Ben has experienced:

👉 Several breakdowns (not surprising really)

👉 Almost getting robbed one time

👉 Going through multiple bus restoration projects

Despite the setbacks, Ben has always found a way to keep his spirits high!

Future Plans

Ben plans to continue driving around the world, and I certainly can’t wait to see him ship the van down to Australia!

Key Lessons

What can we learn from this original #vanlife legend?

👉 You CAN live in a van by yourself

👉 Working remotely is easier than ever

👉 You certainly don’t need an expensive van

And above all else, look after yourself!


Ben has inspired me and many others to start this lifestyle, and I hope the series continues for many years to come.

Working Remotely With Van Life

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