Jordan Osmond: Everything You Wanted To Know (2024)

Everything You’re Curious To Know

Joshua Smith | Updated March 2024

Author and Van Life Enthusiast

This is the ultimate guide on vanlifer Jordan Osmond for 2024.

Over the last 18 months, I have watched almost all the YouTube videos created by the legendary Jordan Osmond, as well as researched as much as I could. His build series is JUST AWESOME!

I’m converting a box truck in 2025 and used this video to guide me:

If you’re curious about:

👉 How Jordan Osmond afforded his van

👉 How much he makes (including YouTube income stats)

👉 Where he has driven to

👉 What issues and controversies he has handled

👉 How you can live van life within the next 90 days

Then you’ve definitely come to the right website.

Before we begin, a quick intro from the Van Life Freedom author…

The Van Life Freedom Author

Hello fellow van life enthusiast! I’m Joshua. 😃

I’ve discovered the ultimate business model for remote workers.

With this business model, I’m able to:

👉 Own my own van completely debt-free

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But hey, let’s talk about that later. Back to Jordan…

Jordan Osmond FAQs (March 2024)

Van Name

His van and truck don’t have a name


Jordan Osmond (age 25) from NZ

The Van

Jordan has built a Toyota Hiace van and box truck. Personally, I preferred the truck!

Affording It

Jordan worked odd jobs and did a lot of the work himself to conver these vans, although his revenue from YouTube helped more in the truck conversion.

Making Money

Jordan makes money through:

👉 Skillshare sponsorships

👉 Ads that play during his videos

He’s a film-maker that focuses on life-changing and sustainable stories, so that’s where most of his income is derived from.

You SHOULD check out all the short films he has created here.


Perhaps my favorite featured camper build is this one:

Strangely, it didn’t get as much traction as his other videos.


Jordan is based in New Zealand but often travels to and from Australia.

Past Travels

He has driven through most of both countries.

Big Moments

He’s only created 20 or so videos, yet has a ton of subscribers! His biggest moments are just seeing videos go super viral!

Future Plans

Where to next? And why hasn’t Jordan posted anything for 12+ months now? Is he still living #vanlife? If you do have information, please reach out to Van Life Freedom so I can update this article.

Key Lessons

Jordan is a legend within the nomadic living community, and my key takeaways include:

👉 Use the resources you have available

👉 Be willing to take some calculated risks

👉 Your 70+ hour/week career can wait

👉 You have the power to do your own conversions


I’ve learned a ton from Jordan and am empowered to start doing my own truck conversion in early 2022.

If you do have more information about his whereabouts, please let me know!

Working Remotely With Van Life

Hey! 😃 It’s Joshua again from Van Life Freedom.

Clearly, I’ve been hugely inspired by Jordan Osmond and his story.

It’s clear that he’s living the dream because of his income streams

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