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This is the ultimate guide about Jasmine Cherry for 2024.

Over the last 18 months, I have watched almost 40 hours of YouTube videos created by Jasmine, as well as researched as much as I could.

If you’re curious about:

👉 How Jasmine Cherry afforded her first van

👉 How she makes her money today (including YouTube income stats)

👉 Where she is nowadays and why she isn’t on YouTube

👉 What issues and controversies they have handled

👉 How you can live van life within the next 90 days

Then you’ve definitely come to the right website.

Before we begin, a quick intro from the Van Life Freedom author…

The Van Life Freedom Author

Hello there fellow van life enthusiast. I’m Joshua.

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But hey, let’s talk about that later. Back to insert creator…

Jasmine Cherry FAQs (March 2024)

Van Name

Do you remember her van’s name? Please let me know.


Jasmine Cherry, born 14/07/1989, is 33 years old. She is currently single.

The Van

I am unsure which van Jasmine Cherry had before she deleted her social media.


I also can’t recall which upgrades she made.

Affording It

Jasmine worked through her younger years to purchase her van outright which was then renovated with a kitchen and bed.

Making Money

Jasmine Cherry makes her income through YouTube advertising and selling art. She previously made more videos about #vanlife but most of these have been deleted.


Before deleting YouTube due to harassment and overwhelm, Jasmine Cherry had collaborated with several other YouTubers including Anna’s Analysis.


New York City.

Past Travels

It’s hard to know where Jasmine has traveled to since she deleted so many videos.

Big Moments

The most controversial video in Jasmine Cherry’s YouTube journey is calling out fellow YouTuber Isabel Paige. Isabel’s fans then went on a hate-mission towards Jasmine.

It’s certainly a shame when a certain community won’t respect a differing opinion such as Jasmine’s, or worse – becomes hateful and rude. As Anna’s Analysis would say, criticism isn’t hate.

Future Plans

Jasmine will be continuing her painting career.

Key Lessons

What can we learn from Jasmine? Quite a few things:

  • Life is short
  • Express yourself
  • Speak your mind


I enjoyed watching Jasmine Cherry on YouTube when she created insightful videos about van life. Now that she’s deleted most of her videos and essentially moved away from ‘internet life’ and the crazy world we live in, I do hope that she’s just as happy.

Working Remotely With Van Life

Hey! 😃 It’s Joshua again from Van Life Freedom.

Clearly I’ve been hugely inspired by Jasmine and her story.

It’s clear that she is living the dream has built online income streams.

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