Christian Schaffer: Net Worth, Boyfriend and YouTube Earnings (2024)

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Joshua Smith | Updated March 2024

Author and Van Life Enthusiast

This is the ultimate guide on Christian Schaffer for 2024.

Over the last 18 months, I have watched almost 40 hours of YouTube videos created by Christian Schaffer, as well as researched as much as I could.

If you’re curious about:

👉 How Christian Schaffer afforded her van

👉 How she makes income (including YouTube income stats)

👉 Where she has traveled to and her age

👉 What issues and controversies she has handled

👉 How you can live van life within the next 90 days

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Christian Schaffer FAQs (March 2024)

Van Name

Christian hasn’t named her current van.


Christian Schaffer

Born the 7th of May, 1986. This makes her 35 years old.

Christian Schaffer is currently single and has not had a boyfriend for 5 months due to her constant travels.

The Van

Christian Schaffer drives a 2019 Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof, 136″ WB with 41,000 miles.

She has a van tour right here:


She has upgraded her van with a diesel heater, solar panels and battery bank to power her power-hungry camera gear and computer.

Affording It

Christian didn’t come from rich parents or get a free van from an ex-boyfriend. She’s a creative type and can make her own way in the world.

She was a freelance photographer for several years before jumping into YouTube. She saved as much as she could before venturing into living out of her van.

Net Worth

Living van life and creating YouTube videos documenting your journey can definitely help you achieve true freedom, as it has done for her.

As of 2024, Christian Schaffer has a net worth of $572,000 USD, based upon the value of her van, online business, her personal belongings and camera gear.

The best part? She never needs to work for a boss EVER AGAIN.

Making Money

In addition to her substantial wealth, she’s built a 6-figure income.

Christian Schaffer makes $9,600/month on YouTube.

She has covered some unique ways to make money while living in your van right here:

Currently, she makes her money through:

👉 Selling her photography prints

👉 Affiliate links (TurboTax and Amazon associates)

👉 Running ads in her YouTube videos

👉 Freelance photography gigs

She previously was a model and doesn’t have an OnlyFans, though some people are obsessed with her feet…for some strange reason.


Christian hasn’t collaborated with any other YouTubers.


Santa Barbara, California.

Past Travels

Christian has traveled across the United States and Canada.

Big Moments

Christian hasn’t created any controversy or clickbait, but does discuss the reality of living #vanlife for all of us:

Fortunately, she hasn’t been attacked, robbed or gone missing like Jenelle Eliana.

Future Plans

Will Christian get a boyfriend? Will she get married? What about pregnancy and having kids?

It’s all unlikely. She’ll probably continue living out of her van.

Key Lessons

What can we learn from this high-quality YouTube channel about #vanlife? Use high-quality camera gear, speak the truth and be open to new opportunities in every moment.


Christian reminds us that women can live happily on the road.

Working Remotely With Van Life

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